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Twitter: 8maki
Facebook: Wataru Yamaki
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Yamada, Ikuya, Yamaki, Wataru, Nakajima, Hirotaka, and Takefuji, Yoshiyasu. Phroni: Augmenting Wikipedia Using Mashups. In AI Mashup Challenge 2010, in ESWC 2010: 7th Extended Semantic Web Conference (Heraklion, Greece 2010)
Yamada, Ikuya, Yamaki, Wataru, Nakajima, Hirotaka, and Takefuji, Yoshiyasu. Ousia Weaver: A tool for creating and publishing mashups as impressive Web pages. In MEM 2010: 3rd Workshop on Mashups, Enterprise Mashups and Lightweight Composition on the Web, in WWW 2010: Proceedings of the 18th International World Wide Web Conference (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 2010)


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» 100Shiki
» The Bridges between Students and Ventures // Gallege
» Backstage
» Million Times Square // Cnet Japan

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My Activities
- Orega Inc. [Tester]
- ALBERT Inc. [Java Programmer]
- KnockingOn Inc. [PHP Programmer]
- Avap Inc. [SIer]
- mode-Duo Inc. [Development Business]
- EsLuxoure Inc. [System Engineer]
- Tentofu Inc. [Blogger]
- Unoh Inc. [CUI Development]
- Studio Ousia Inc. [Research and Development]
- Goldman Sachs Inc. [Summer Internship]
- Works Applications Inc. [Summer Internship]
- Recruit CO.,LTD. [Winter Internship]
- Lehman Brothers Inc. [Winter Internship]
- Fortis Investments Japan [Internship]
- Collective Intelligence LLP [My Partnership style Company]
- Alpha and Company [Top Tier Human Resource]
- Studio Ousia Inc. [Research and Development] <-now

A long, long time ago, there were two smithies.
One smithy was good at teaching his pupils about the skill so many pupils were studying at the blacksmith. Therefore they became "good" smithies.
On the other hand, the other smithy didn't teach to his pupils and they kept workinig at cleaning so many pupils were gone. But some of them kept doing that for several years. At long last, the smithy master taught to them. And they became higher smithy "masters" than the formers.

My life will be like this story. I must be a "master".

In the future I want to be a liaison between venture companies and markets in global business world.

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